About Us

Best Beach front Properties in French Polynesia by Tahiti Homes
Selection of our best beach and waterfront villas in Tahiti and her islands.

Where do we come from, who are we? What are we going to do ?These are always the questions people ask when they first meet us or hear about our company.

Tahiti Homes is a licensed property management company, owned and managed by passionate tourism professionals from Tahiti.

After many years of being in the hospitality industry and offering top level luxury resorts to people from all over the globe; we decided to offer a new way of lodging and a new way to discover our islands.

Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora are very well known islands, mostly visited by honeymooners. These islands are dream locations and they are the ideal place for a romantic escapade. The overwater bungalows and the beautiful boutique hotels have made our destination one of the most romantic in the world. We are very proud of our hotels and resorts and the way they have been placed into our islands preserved environment.

Tahiti and her islands attract more and more visitors each year and not only those on their honeymoons, also adventurers, families or simply people seeking a space and comfort like they have at home.

Our vacation rentals are ideal for all types of clientèles. Offering  multiple bedrooms and unique locations in the heart of the islands and a great deal of room and equipments.At Tahiti Homes we select the best vacation rentals available and we do manage most of them for an ultimate service and experience.

We do our utmost to care about our guest’s satisfaction, which is our top priority.Besides giving our guests the keys of their holiday rental, we coordinate their travel to our other fabulous islands by booking a car, a bus transfer, or an excursion. We fill the fridge before their  arrival,  and choose a chef for a private dinner and much more to make them feel at home and enjoy a stress less vacation.

Whether you are traveling for leisure or you are on a business trip; Tahiti Homes has the right house, right villa or right serviced apartment matching your expectations and needs.

Rent a home with Tahiti Homes and experience our islands in total freedom.

The Team

Emily Biotteau-ColasOwner and Director of Tahiti Homes, arrived in French Polynesia early in the 2000’s to join her husband, a native of Tahiti. Her first plan was to arrive in French Polynesia for just a couple of months but finally she felt in love with the islands and their people. In Tahiti she worked for one of the largest tour operators. Then for almost nine years, she worked for one of the largest luxury hotel groups. As marketing and sales deputy director she traveled the world promoting the destination. Her knowledge of the islands, their attractions, their people and their culture is well known.
Emily realized that here in Tahiti some accommodation alternatives were not available to visitors. Travelers to Tahiti rent properties all over the world and in Tahiti only a couple of owners were renting their home to visitors. In 2011, she co-founded and managed the first vacation rental company in French Polynesia. In 2013 she launched Tahiti Homes, a vacation rental and realty company with her vision and many more services.

Laina Tsang has been in the travel industry for the past 8 years. Native from Tahiti, she first started her career as a teacher before realizing she wanted to travel the world and be in contact with people and other cultures. During 5 years, she worked for the famous and most renowned luxury cruise in the world, Paul Gauguin cruise ship, as head Gauguine welcoming and entertaining first class guests sharing Polynesian culture through various handcraft activities but also dancing, singing, playing guitare and ukulele. Her strong skills in guests relation and management brought her to the hospitality industry within the Legends Resort in Moorea. For 3 years she improved her skills in dealing with reservation as well as coordinating the high standard required in term of housekeeping and hotel room product quality. Laina joined Tahiti Homes in February 2014 as Director Assistant, serious and guest oriented she also brings lots of energy and dynamism to the team.

Emily and Laina share the same passion for tourism and the islands of Tahiti.